About Us

My Amma’s Homemade was started on the 6th of January 2015, an aim to preserve the authentic recipes of the family being passed down ages. After the demise of my Father in law, I along my Mom in law wanted to do something to keep ourselves busy, this was the time when my Sister in law was suggesting about making homemade masala powders and selling them. Since this was an art at our fingertips, we thought we should give it a try and then we started off. At first we started selling to close friends and relatives, by word of mouth we slowly started selling to others too.

Then we came across Silver surfers Platform which is a Senior citizen club where in all the “Young at hearts” are still converting their long cherished hobbies into sales just to keep themselves busy and going. Through this club we attended many exhibitions which brought light into our products extending the reach far and wide.
After the exhibitions we were forced to find a medium to sell and we started the Face book page which is still active – https://www.facebook.com/myammashomemade. We started small sales through the face book page and kept going it for two years.

Now, we have established our own ecommerce site where we can reach out to more customers who are aspiring to eat the authentic homemade cooked food using our Masala Powders.
In this fast pace world, People are finding it hard to cook food and eat. Compromising on food means to compromise on health, so at My Amma’s Homemade we are trying our best to make things simple so that people can still eat homemade food.